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I recently switched from a 3 screens pincab to a 2 screens pincab and added a pindmd device in place of the third screen.


So far so good, but i noticed an issue :


With my 3 screen config, i was able for example in goonies table to have a nice display on the DMD screen, or in Harry potter table to have a library displayed on the DMD with papers flying giving you instructions.


Using pindmd, i was having nothing. After searching for the reason (enabling real dmd in the tables scripts), i have another issue :


I set the pinup dmd on the second screen (backglass). I set it to forceback, to not have it visible. my pindmd displays the library on harry potter, but as soon as a video is played on the backglass, it disappears and never reappears.

Instead the DMD just plays bits of video that are played on the backglass.

If i edit the pack screen file and set the backglass to off, then my pindmd displays all correctly.


Has anyone ever faced such issue ? I am running out of ideas.


Thanks !

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