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Ive tried to find out the answer on my own long enough so its time i just ask for help.It seems like such a trivial problem i was embarrassed to ask for help but well here i am. Lol


I didnt install my setup using baller, so did everything separately. Right now when i click on VPX, my vpx games pop up and if i see a game i wsnt to play,  i just click on it and it launches. I have a "menu" button i hit to bring me to basically poppers last row of icons before exiting. 


Is there a way to add back all the control icons that usually are there when you use popper baller to install your build. 


What i mean is i have helped friends with their builds and now always we use popper baller, and on there "menu" screen , they have all the options that popper offers, you can add a game to favorites, record screens, etc. Basically every icon in the default system  folder is shown on the wheel bar. 


Mine are hidden and i dont know how to get them back, or how to add them. Is it per emulator? Or just on the menu screen? My menu screen just has exit and go back, id like to add all the other options back. 


I do know just hitting the O key for me pulls up the options menu to record screens etc but i want the actual icons to show on my wheel bar. 


Thanks. Sorry if its a stupid question, but i cant figure it out. 

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