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Just added these speakers to my modded atgames pinball table, but really they went into the buystuffarcades.com deluxe backbox. Holy sh!t. They are amazing. 

Anyone using 4inch speakers in their arcades should try these. They are low profile edition too which is perfect for arcade builds . Not to mention they are KICKER, ive used them in car installs tons of times when i was younger. 

A Quick unboxing video i did to show you the size and how low profiles make instillations so much easier. 




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Hey bro. What would I need to do this? I have the ALP. Iam doing haptic kit today.

I see the amp and kickers look amazing. I imagine I run the kickers to a coverter? Coverter to amp and that's it? What kind of line converter would u recommend? If that's it. Did you need to ground anything? Looking good btw, nice setup 

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