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Friday the 13th Table & Puppack


+++Please update your VPX 10.7 to the latest version 10.7.1 if you have troubles to run the latest 1.0.6 table update! Thanks


Vpx 10.7.1 here :





(this pup pack includes Adult theme videos Violence and Nudity ) +18 


11 random intros i think ( i dont remember:) ) + 12 movies scenes ... Etc etc 

if you like blood and boobies you not gonna be disapointed .. 


Dont Tilt please ..


You need vpx 10.7 to run this Table and Puppack

The Puppack only works with the table inside the download folder

Script - Options for ApronScreens - Backdrop and Slow Pcs are Off by Default  just choose the one you like (Aprons screens are amazing ;) )

Just Run the Bat file inside the puppack for your Screens Setup




Thanks To my TeamTuga Mate Pedro Peres

Thanks Joe Picasso and Mario

Thanks All











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