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It's time for me to do other things. Namely, study. Administrator with economics and staff responsibilitys (doing some of this already). Will take about 2 years. And with slim amounts of discipline, removing distractions are needed.

I also feel I have peaked in this hobby. As I have no desire for a third screen or any kind of lighting around my cab. I have the tables I want. I'm done.


I have done this before. I got a raspberry pi, bought a rgb-pi (pi 2 scart). Went through several crt tvs. Then I got a crt monitor and a RetroTINK-ULTIMATE.
Once again I got several monitors.

Then I sold those and got a DeskMini A300. with a 2400g. And a nice, 4k, 32 inch monitor. Learned all I could about shaders for retroarch and bought premium version of launchbox.

Sold all that and got a 55 inch tv instead. Connected it directly to my pc. Content. For a time.


Now most recent I got parts for a cab:

Grate support befor and after ordering.


Sold the TV and went a 34 inch pc monitor instead, new desk and my cab right next to me.

And now we are here. I peaked once more. I'm done, I'm moving on. Above adventures included several forums and Facebook groups. All of which I left as I moved on. Same this time. Kinda.

I will go away but will probably show up again once vpe is ready.



This is more then just me pretending this is an airport and I need to announce my departure.


Site exclusivity, this needs to go. Just give it up, it serves no purpose. This belongs in the past. Once again those who care who made what, they will know. Rest, will not care.



Stop talking about VPD. It only triggers him. He is a product of the rules you have and rhetoric you use against those that don't follow them.


Talking about triggering VPD, forcing new members to read the warning on vpu is, with triggering in mind, is just counter productive. It's a conflict where participation should be optional. VPD actions are immature but you pointing it out does not make you look like an adult.


I help one member of the community and looked up his older posts, onto to discover he was denied help for using VPD. That's stupid.


Terry, you talk to much. Grate that you are making videos, but you talk to much. Get to the point and stop preaching.


Dazz, thank you for not just ban me or removing my post. Respect.


I await vpe, hoping for more user friendly-nes. I have a second monitor, not plugged in yet, hoping that vpe make it so I never have to learn how to use b2s.


Just learned there is also version for unreal engine (not fx). The fragmentation will be interesting. What ever gets out on top is what I will use.


I also contributed

But really, all its is me copying code from codemyui.com

Work I did was geting links and resizing images. I don't even know how to add new buttons.

Lucky, https://virtual-pinball-spreadsheet.web.app/
came around. I have been a editor there for some time. Added a few missing tables and roms. I'm happy to have been part of making this community more accessible.



Studies start Monday, I will be here until then. After that I'm out. For simplicity I ask my account not be manually removed. I wish to use it again. If automatically removed for inactivity, so I be it.

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