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Jive Time (Williams 1970)

It's official and it's only on vpuniverse.com.  The only ever released version of Jive Time on visual pinball (to my knowledge).


Version 2.0 supports desktop, fullscreen, FSS, and VR.  It comes with updated physics, a few minor rule fixes, and rendering by bord.  Definitely worth updating if you already have this table.  The download include 2 B2S options and media.


I'm very pleased with this build.  It was a ton fun putting together and I really feel like the look and feel and game play (physics) are true to the real table.  I tried to simulate the actual mechanical behavior of the machine and I'm very happy with the end result.


Options (at the top of the script):


VR Room: 0 - desktop, FSS, or Fullscreen (default), 1 - VR room

Balls per game: set to 3, 5 (default), or 10
West gate: 0 - keeps gate open until end of ball (default), 1 - will close when award is scored

Reset Bonus : 0 - bonus carries over to next game (default), 1 - Reset bonus each game (for competition)
Restore game: 0 - will begin in game over at restart (default), 1 - remembers where you left off and will resume on restart

Experimental Slings:  0 - use traditional sling physics, 1 - use new sling physics using flippers that I think provides more realistic rebound angles, I believe kiwi originally came up with this idea (default)
Chimes:  0 - DOF chimes disabled (default), 1 - DOF chimes enabled


This table uses two bells.  The sounds were pulled from the actual machine and they are somewhat unique to this table, chimes don't feel right.

This download contains everything you should need.  FSS, FS, DT, POV, B2S, and media.  There are two backglasses, one with a border to help make the spinner wheel a little more proportional on a wide screen.

For those that haven't tried FSS yet, I encourage you to try at least one game of this table in FSS mode.  Turn your screen to portrait, click the FSS box, then click the Test Desktop box.  While I will mostly play this on my cab, the FSS version is by far my favorite.  I feel like I'm sitting in front of the machine.  Check out the EM Reels and spinner (same as desktop).




Playfield: rothbauerw (redraw/clean-up), bord (stitch, and very well done!)

Plastics: rothbauerw, bord

Backglass: rothbauerw

Render: bord

B2S: rothbauerw, STAT, randr
Primitives: bord, 32assassin, kiwi, acronovum
Misc: borgdog, loserman, randr, acronovum

Sound package: Fleep

Original VR Room: Basti, Rawd, Rascal, Steely


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