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Deep Dive by This Week in Pinball

Buddy already has an LE pre-ordered and should have it in 2 weeks or so.  We've broken down the video a little and picked out a couple unique features.

Here are a couple things that I noticed.

The ring works like the ring on Lord of the Rings.  It pulls the ball back into the slot/timemachine and can propel it forward as well.  Ramp raises and lowers.  Not sure if that is a bash target when the ramp is lowered or not.  May be just a stopper and the ramp optos register the ball hits. 

2-way scoop & Ball lock.  Playfield window looks like it shows the locked balls.



2nd ball lock located behind drop targets.


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Amazing table and awesome drum tribute to Peart. I've seen many videos on Metallica which is another feature packed table. Still looking for someone to "handle" the Rush game like some have with Metallica.

Both 5 Star tables.

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