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My brother built a new PC recently and used the AMD Ryzen 5 5600G chip, which has built in graphics - he has no dedicated graphics card.
How do I ensure that VPX is taking advantage of the built in graphics of the 5600G to its fullest potential?

Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

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I made my very first pincab in 2012 using only an A8-3870K and it was enough (OC/Very good RAM needed, and sometime with some performance tips btw) for all FP+BAM / VP9 + UVP/db2s backglass with best settings on a 2 screens setup 1920x1080 + 1280x1024 (at this time a friend of mine is still using it like that :))

for my second pincab a few years later (2015/2016) I used only a A10-7870K and it worked perfectly without having to use any tips for all VP9/FP tables (same screens setup)

but for VPX it wasn't enough (not by far but with many vpx tables I was at only 45/50 fps) so I added a GTX-1050ti a few years ago and I'm still using this in my pincab at this time.

For sure the recent APUs would do the job alone for a FullHD setup :)



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i ran my entire build , im runnig right now off a ryzen 7 4700g, which is a weaker on board gpu you have. You want the best performance , buy a (minium which is what i did) single fan AIO  , all in one, liquid cooler for the cpu.  I used a corsair single fan radiator mounted to the back of my pc case and not only did it keep everything running insanely cool, I was able to overclock all the cores to 4.7ghz.  , the gpu ran at 2.1ghz on it own, i didn't even touch it, but overclocking the cpu does push the gpu also.  The other factor that will make your specific onboard gpu perform insane is biy the fastest ram kit you can.  i bought a 32gb kit of 3600mhz corsair dominator ram.  


I can't stress enough how important the ram is if your gonna use the ryzen on board graphics.  Looking back I should have went with a 4000mhz kit, but you need to make sure you have the motherboard to handle it. 


I still have my ruzen 7 4700g , because it overclocks like a champ and i use it to run my launchbox build. It runs everygame in my build up to ps3, however once you get to PC gaming and resolutions its where you'll need to turn down some of the graphics. I dont know how much weaker a ryzen 5 is cimpared to the 7, but the ryzen 4 4700g I would recommend to anyone who is stuck without a graphics card and wants to play virtual pinball at 1080p.  I had no issues at all. 

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