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I FIGURED IT OUT. I had moved 4 files out and made a copy of them in another directory....GOOD IDEA TO do this. any system file you move or change   make a copy and describe what and when you did and why ..so you can undo it if needed.




I don't know what I did here. Maybe it's as simple as a puppack setting.  I think anything with a muted rom and OST soundtrack has been affected. I tried installing flex dmd and dmdext 1.9 to get Goonies to work and then 10.7 rev .310 which caused problems so I overwrote it with my backed up files and went back to 10.6.  I had overwrote the dmd device.ini...then i put the original back in. I saw I hadn't made the 'trace' changes nailbuster suggested so I did that.


Tron the music ost is screen 15. I don't know if that's right or what screen 15 means.. I can't access Pirates' puppack my access is violated.


So when I play these tables I don't hear the soundtrack.


My vpinmame directory is so messy now I don't really understand what is going on in there with the pupdmd, flexdmd, dmdext, dmddevices 64 and 86.

At this point I'm lucky everything else works.

I hope someone has an idea. Thanks!

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  • knightrdrx changed the title to OST music doesn't play anymore (Pirates, Tron, Transformers) - muted puppack rom - SOLVED

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