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Sea Jockeys (Williams 1951)

**Dedicated to Loserman76**
I couldnt have completed the project without his help and guidance
Please to present the last in the Williams 1951 quadrilogy of gambling tables
Sea Jockeys by Williams 1951
A 1 player boat racing game
5 to Add Credits
1 to start the game
A to Add a ball to the Plunger
V0.9 as its Slightly unfinished
1. needs the Replay Jackpots programmed
As per the rules 65million+ gets 1 Replay, 75 Million+ gets 2 replays
2. The Backglass needs refining. We had problems with the layering before but this is worse as they are more snippits. I used the Z order from back to front but run out of numbers!
3. Need to Program and Show replays and credits on the backglass.
Credits on the Left Orange Flag.
Replays on the centre right orange flag.
If no one can helps, enjoy as is..


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Definitely an awesome game, but I don't know how to fix this. I'm using a different ball image, but the ball gets darker as it goes higher on the playfield. In the plunger lane it is the correct color but as I shoot it it slowly turns black as it gets to the top. I've tried the overall lighting, but that didn't help. It only made the ball lighter at the bottom.

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