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Looking At Picking Up A Graphics Tablet


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Well I'm not near your level of graphics skill, but I have worked with Photoshop, and the 3D editor LIghtwave back when I was a post production tech with Indiana University.  I used an older style light tablet back then.  For me, I did much better with a good quality digital mouse.  If I had a lot of freehand work to do I would just do it on paper and then scan it in.  I know some people really like the tablets, but I would suggest you find someone with one and give it a real try before you spend a lot of money on one. Just my $.02

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hell if I had the money I'd get one even just for use with vp

 working for hours with a mouse trying to build in vp

leaves my hand all cramped up and in pain

a tablet with a pen may well help in that aspect at least

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get a wacom, dont look at anything else.





i use a 21" cintiq  model



That Cintiq looks pretty sick. I just picked up a lightly used Wacom Fun tablet (Medium) on our local craigslist for basically beer money and I am really happy with it. It was a snap to install and surprisingly, my version of Serif DrawPlus recognized it without any dicking around. On my last 2 redraws I started running into somethings that were a real PITA to do with only a mouse. I am still getting used to the feel of how the pen moves over the tablet, but a little bit of paper taped over it helped and now I don't use that either.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I've been solely using a mouse for everything to this point, and I was constantly saying "this could be much easier for me with a tablet."

I think a Wacom is in my future.

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