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Happy Holidays Virtual Pinballers!!

Terry Hagerty aka “Terry Red” is a valuable member of the virtual pinball community. His how-to videos are the gold standard and have helped thousands of people get started in our community. He is always helping others with problems even when the problem is them NOT reading the instructions or his guides. His Pup Packs and Pin Event tables are so much fun and he does all this for free in his spare time so we can enjoy. It’s now time for us to give back. Terry is currently working on his Silent Hill Pin Event table and using an old computer. We need to help Terry get a new system so he can work faster and be able to use and develop for VPE (https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=43651) in the future. He is such a great resource for our community it is the least we could do to help payback for all he has done! Help free Terry from the constraints of using a slow, outdated computer and let's help him get something more modern with a Ryzen CPU and 3000 series GPU. 


Use the “$Beer Me” link on his profile at VPUNIVERSE https://vpuniverse.com/forums/profile/10155-terryred/ 

Please donate today.


**Terry did not ask for this and I am doing this because I know he would never solicit for donations but deserves it! I thought about a GoFundMe but wanted all the donations to go directly to him without a middle man. I know there are other deserving members of this community but I wanted to show my appreciation to someone who has done it all. If you don't know everything he's done for our community you better ask somebody because the list is long!



Screenshot 2021-12-05 9.20.16 AM.png

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Anything given through a Beer Me is very kind of you, and anyone else. It's very humbling to feel appreciated.


I've mentioned this elsewhere, that I've been asked many times before how anyone can give something back to show appreciation... so a while back I decided to activate "Beer Me". Anything that I ever receive through Beer Me, stays in my Pay Pal specifically for any virtual pinball related things I may need in the future. This typically can be 3D models for tables on sites like Turbo Squid, or a new video editor app to do animations for PUP videos, and maybe in the future a PC upgrade at some point for VPE creations (it's been more years than ever since upgrading... as availability of hardware supplies and prices are crazy right now). Anything I receive goes right back into the VP community one way or another.


Beer Me is honestly the simplest way for this kind of thing to work, allowing anyone who wants to give, to do this on their own terms (privately and anonymously).


I don't ask for anything, as the fun for me is the passion for "creating", showing off what I've created, and sharing my creations with everyone who may enjoy them.


Thanks again for all your kindness.

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