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I'm trying to use the VPX VR Launcher 4.21 and everytime when I exit a table, it bring me to the home steam place. I don't go back to the launcher I have to press "F9".


I try to put "Oculus" in the config file but when I do, the VR is not working I just see a flat screen with all the table to choose. Probably because I'm using steamVR.


I have a Oculus Quest 1. Everything was working fine with the previous launcher.


I want to change to "open composite" I think instead of SteamVR but I don't know where to change that option.... :(


Where is that option?


Thanks for any help.



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hey guys,


sorry to bohter you on this, but I can't get a hand on opencomposite 32 bits dll  - the link from the gitlab doesn't work... 

any chance to find it somewhere else ? tried google it but no chance...




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