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Indochine Table & Puppack




TeamTuga Presents Indochine Puppack 


Indochine is a French pop rock and new wave band formed in Paris in 1981. They became very successful in the Francophonie, Europe and Latin America in the 1980s, with songs like "L'Aventurier" and "Canary Bay". Following the release of several critically acclaimed, but commercially unsuccessful, albums in the 1990s, the group returned to stardom with the release of Paradize in 2002. The band has sold over 13 million albums and singles, making them the best selling French band.


This is a Reskin from Cosmic by Marty02 

Original Table by JP SAlAS


*This table and Puppack Only works with vpx 10.7

*No other table will worlk with this puppack only the one  inside the download folder 

*All media inside (wheel etc..)  - Rom and B2S

* Options for  4 , 3 and 2 screens inside the puppack (by default is 4 screens)


========FOR 2  SCREENS USERS ==========

         Must have the flex dmd updated 




cosmic.nv / cosmicnvb  - If you have this 2 Files inside your

          VpinMame/nvram folder DELETE THEM !!


*Add All videos you want inside the musicvideos Folder 

* To change video press Right Magma Save or Start Buttom

*The Table Script is not completed ....so theres no Multiball Extra Ball...etc 

Dont ask Me Why!!

Maybe someone in the future do something about it!!! Maybe


Thanks to my Team Mate Pedro Peres

 MArio Joao PAulo and Nelson Vila

for all support...


Thanks to all VP Community













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