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Can someone take a guess on how to fix this issue.?


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Can anyone please help me figure out how to get rid of this pop-up?  Its not any screen when running displayconfig in popper, ive went through all of them turning them off and on, i also havent found it in the pinupmenu setup page.


Personally i think its part of a theme i tried to erase. I never saw that in the theme but i deleted a bunch files to start to try start over and im wondering, is popper putting that popup screen as the default , since i may have deleted the other files. It that a possibility? Because it doesnt load passed where the t arch i had was or not passed the t bar i have now. It completely blocks my wheel view. However, all the text, game name ,rom etc, stays always over the popup. 

If i hit the C button, to pull up the operator menu, my icon wheel pops forward again and i can see them for a very brief time before they are hidden again. I i did fix my icons where they now fit inside my t bar. 

The reason i said i think its part of a theme is , terry put out a video awhile ago showing you could run videos inside that area and add and change text. I dont know, its frustrating because i was able to fix other stuff but not this one. 

Thank you in advance.

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