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Nucleo 144 and reset problem with external power supply


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My board : Nucleo F429ZI

My Shield : Shield Version 4.03 by Joerg Amann & Stefan Rinke


My Pin2dmd work well when i use a usb cable on CN1 and JP3 on U5V.


But when i use an external power supply (+5V 60A) on the Shield board and JP3 on E5V, my Pin2dmd stay black.  I must press Reset button to start my Pin2dmd.


After some research , i found a soluce to this problem.


Soluce : Removing SB111 (resitor 0 ohm).


Now your Pin2DMD must be working without press reset button.


If not, i have modified my shield board before removing SB111.


I have cut the track (5V) beetween +5V connector and +5V rectangular pad.

I have tied +5V connector pin to pin 5 of CN1 (E5V) .


Now i hope that will work for you too.


PS (Sorry for my english)

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