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I'll go first. Here's my modded ALP.

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I'm very new to VP but got into it a year ago beginning with A1up and their vp. It was nowhere near enough and now a year later I have done a lot of hardware work which came easy to me but struggling with the software, (getting there!)


BuyStuff Arcades backbox and topper

Dayton Bass Shaker

Four Dayton Exciters

2 Cleveland Software Solenoids

Amazon color changing leds under cab

Real Stern pinball legs

Dell Gaming pc running 1660 Super

Batman 66 graphics 

Two amps under the cab and one in the backbox

Changed flipper buttons to green with cherry switches

3D printed speaker covers


I have an amazing 3d printed light up cupholder that was designed for the stock legs that I need to find a way to modify and install. 


Tell me what you think and would love to see others. 




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I also started with my atgames pinball, added the control deck with trackball,  vibs board, buystuff store deluxe backbox (24inch and 15.5 screens) 4 backbox speakers with one amplifier powering them and a dayton bass shaker. Added 4 dayton exciters 2 front and 2 rear , 2 amplifers for those daytons, one front one rear, i also did the cleveland software package but got 8 solinoids, power supply, and controller board.rewired all the buttons to a regular ximotech zedo delay usb controller, took out the stock playfield and replaced it with the LG 32inch , 165hz,HDR-10, 1440p monitor.

Pc specs;

Ryzen 9 5900X 12core (24) thread all running at 5ghz, liquid cooled by the nzxt kraken 360mm rad cooler

Nvidia RTX3090 founders edition

Evega platinun PS 1000, 1000watt power supply

64gb of corsair dominator RGB ram 3600mhz

Two 1TB Samsung Pro 980, generation 4 m.2 nvme drives

All i side a corsair 5000 airflow case containing 9 fans total.


Heres a quick video, for those who wanted to hear the soliolenoids, and see the fit of the new playfield. And some quick game play to see how nice the contrast and color 




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Heres what my Gaming corner actually looks like. The PC, is connected to both machines, however i barely ever switch over to the standup in OTG mode, The pinball table is purely ran off the pc, since changing out the monitor etc. 



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