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New member from the Netherlands (Zeeland)


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Hi All,


My name is Don, 57 years old and living in The Netherlands (Europe)


I use to own real pinball machines the last 20 years or so (80+) and restored them as a hobby, besides playing them on a regular basis.

At the top period I had 15 (90s Bally/williams) operational machines devided over our home.

Crazy I know! and not to mention all the hassle to restore them pick them up etc. but Let's say nice road trips in memory Lane :) 


After we moved to a new Home It got to the point where I ended up with only 3 new Stern machines Tron/Avatar/Shrek lineup.   

When they finally left the scene a friend of mine parked his T>O>M> in my Manscave, but recently he picked it up.


Oh Oh a pinless home! That's a very empty home IMHO! :D 


I started thinking about building a visual pinball cab a decade ago and even drove to a Guy in Germany to see how it looked and played in RL (twelve years back?) All tough I could see the fun in this kind of a  project, I never started one until now.  Let's say I never find the Balls ;) to get into it for real.

You know..., it looks complicated from the start, where to begin? Yes i'm still a little nervous, but hey! everything starts with a first step right! 


So since 1 year ago I restarting to follow several YT channels, to see whats new in the space?

A lot!!!  so it seems since my last visit. Wow! Some good VPE developments I see as also the great work from Pinup Popper team etc. not to forget all the ones creating the tables! Really great stuff! 


Regretfully I also read some Bad stories concerning the few greedy commercial driven types who like to profit on the communities efforts and all their hard work. Discus ting to say the least! LOL I think that the community needs a lawyer pinball head to step in? Anyone knows one? ;) 


Anyway I started a couple of months ago to order parts from all over the World. So I am pretty excited now that I finally put my first steps into this hobby by building my own cab from scratch.


After reading and viewing alot of VPin stuff I found a empty TAF cabinet. Firstly I wanted to use this as a build option, but after thinking a lot I decided to use it as a reference point only. My target goal is to create a machine that gives me the closest feeling and looks compared with playing on a real machine, I know it's not the same but IMHO in many way's hobby wise even better because of the many options and routes you can choose from, during the whole proces.


Okay.... enough said 1% inspiration and 99% transpiration here some pictures to show I can't go back anymore :) 


Hopefully to find alot of info and helping members during the journey! To be continued.........


And to end for now, many thanks to all who made this possible!







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Hoi Don, welkom bij de club!


I have just started my journey into the world of virtual pinball recently and I can confirm that the community overall is superb, helpful, knowledgable and friendly!


Your history is very interesting! I can only dream of having had so many real machines! I envy you.


Space is always at a premium at our home so I’ve settled for a bartop model for the moment. My dream is to move up to a full size cab some day.


Enjoy your path!

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