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Logan's Run v2.0 Pup Pack - Coming Soon!


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Hello everyone in this great VPUniverse community!


Just a quick note and update to let you all know that I am currently in the FINAL testing phase of the official Logan's Run v2.0 Pup-Pack!


I am hoping to release it within the next couple of weeks exclusively here on VPU!  This newest Logan's Run VPX version will add full video and new Sound Clips to further enhance your Logan's Run VPX pinball experience! Once my supportive VPX cabinet testers have taken it for a ride - I'll review their comments and make any further enhancements before its released to the community here at VPU!


This is my first ever attempt at a Pup Pack - and I think it's coming along very nicely to upgrade the table of this classic 1976 movie.  Once it's officially released, the Logan's Run Pup Pack zip file will also include a new version of the Logan's Run VPX table (v2.0) - which includes some minor enhancements to ensure a fun-filled 23rd Century Logan's Run VPX pinball experience with added video and some new sound clips!


Run, runner!  May you find Sanctuary!

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