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DOF not working on Pinup Popper


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I have DOF working with Visual Pinball, but cannot get it to work in the Popper front end.


I'm running Windows 10 Ghost Spectre Superlite and have tried every tip/trick at hardware [PinUP Virtual Pinball System] (nailbuster.com) and dof_registry [PinUP Virtual Pinball System] (nailbuster.com) and just don't know what else to try.


When I go in to PopperDoctor and click Start DOF, I don't get any error messages or anything, but I don't really know what to put in the field for DOFElement.  I've tried E801 and a few others which, if I'm understanding correctly, should light some of my RGB LED's, but I can't get anything to happen.


I've generated my config files at the DOF Config Tool today, so they're all up to date, and the PinupMenu table should be included in my files.


I just don't know what else to try.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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