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[New PuP-Pack Alert]Lethal Weapon3 PuPPack

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Lethal Weapon3 PuPPack

this is a reupload from Vpinball, only change is the fulldmd option.


extract the lw3_208.zip file into your PuPVideos folder. choose one of the option.bat files that match your setup.thats it

Thanks go to Liannad for his help with Overlays and Animations


Have fun with it.  Dont forget: this Puppack uses the transparent function if you get blackscreens while getting)bonus,millions.... your setup is not correct


as example how it works:



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This is the only Puppack I can't get to work at all.  All others work fine.  I can start the Puppack in the Editor, but it doesn't seem to start at all when playing the table.  I have a 3 screen setup and I'm using the Full DMD option.  Any ideas?

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