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same issue with several pup packs


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currently pulling my hair out so could do with some help if possible, 90% of my pup packs work great but im having trouble with a few. First off The goonies, the back glass and frame for the pack load fine but nothing at all triggers events or videos, i hear the sounds of the videos playing but the video never appears in the frame.

second South park halloween. the pack loads and plays the intro video and just constantly loops until i exit the table.

i run 3 screens with my back glass on one and dmd on the other both 1080p monitors. Freezy and ultraDMD are both up to date. dmddevice.ini has been edited to allow it to work with pinuppopper and so has the dmdextlog.config

any suggestions on what i could try? ive tried all 3 of the included batch files eg "Option 2 - DMD on BG.bat" "Option 5 - BG DMD No Topper.bat" but they seem to do nothing at all and im have absolutly no idea how to manually edit a puppack only the basic screen position set up.

any help or suggestions are great.

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Hi, you have to load the pupapck with the puppackeditor.

You find the puppackeditor in the folder of the puppack

Then change the screen 13(overlay) to "off"

Save the puppack. So it works in my goonies table.

Important: If you change the options of the puppack, you have to do this again.

I hope it works and good luck.



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you must edit the sript for the table:


Const enablePupPack        = True
Const enablePupDMD      = True ' Enable PupPack must be true if this is set to true

Const enableFlexDmd        = False





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