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Nudging / Tilting

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Nudging in VP for the most part is a joke.  No two settings are alike and everyone's setup is going to be different. 

I believe for tournament / league purposes that nudge keys should be disabled/unmapped.  This is really the only way to take nudging / tilting out of the question.  If you can't nudge; you can't tilt.  This would be done in the name of fairness.

Some may say that playing without nudging isn't realistic, but in reality it is...  I've played many real pinball competitions where the tilt bob on the game was so tight that simply doing anything above a light flipper slap would tilt the game.  On games like this you have to just learn to play with the flow of the ball. 

Nudging in Pinball FX is different and controlled more by the game.  Nudging can be enabled on Pinball FX games for tournament/league play.

If anyone has any other suggestions, questions, or solutions... please share.

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Oof, yeah that could get sticky.  Virtual leagues in general heavily rely on the honor system as-is, let alone adding rules the game can't account for.

Ideally, some workaround could be found since nudging is such an integral part of pinball.  Maybe participants could have their systems vetted in advance, showing a video of their system nudging the ball and tilting.  And desktop users can just be asked to set a specific value.

I've played many a table with one hand and little to no nudging, so I'll survive either way xD

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