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The Halloween Pin Omnibus


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Hi Bord, I'm going, I chose "class of 1812" from the great Ninuzzu and Tom Tower with the superb backglass from Blacksad. I find that the sets, the sounds and the low heart perfectly reflect the spirit of hallowen. Many thanks to them and good hallowen to all🎃 :D.


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Of course you know I was going to post this:







Silent Thr-Hill-er Dance Off!


The Monsters of Silent Hill wanted to get into the groove for Halloween! Watch them strut their stuff!


Happy Halloween everyone!




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Updated Dracula!  Love this Williams/Stern!  Thanks bord!!

My top Halloween tables have been Scared Stiff and the Monster Bash you worked on (was that a Rothborski build?) .  Thinking TftC is going to get some play as well.  But looking forward to checking out Shannon's NotLD tonight.  

But...I remember going to the arcade and seeing Gorgar for the first time.   But if I had to pick one it would be MB.  Unfortunately can't post a link to it :(

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The artwork and theme for Mr. Black is super creepy,as well as, Mephisto.

@Thalamus’ Algar is awesome too. Algar in my opinion is a completely  confused table. It doesn’t know if it is sci-fi or horror, but it has the eeriest sounds on a table I have ever heard. 
No list would be complete without the daddy of them all……Gorgar! 

I remember dumping sooo much money in this table as a kid at my local bowling alley.



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