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[New VPX Alert]Triumph Table (with Backglass) - read notes for requirements

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Triumph Table (with Backglass) - read notes for requirements

Based on the ABBA table by GrayGhost (thanks for the permission to MOD!!) which was based on jpsalas's Vortex Taito table from 1981.      

*Table requires the Vortex rom to run properly.

Music not included for copyright reasons. To add you fav Triumph tracks create a TRIUMPH folder in your Virtual Pinball/Music director and add tracks in mp3 format.

10 music tracks are set right now but can changed to more or less in the script - see note near the top of script.

Music must be labelled Triumph-song1.mp3, Triumph-song2.mp3, ... Triumph-song10.mp3

Thanks to Rik Emmett, Mike Levine and Gil Moore, the members of TRIUMPH, for all of the music the created.This table is distributed free to the v/pinball community and meant to be enjoyed by TRIUMPH fans everywhere.

Rules are the same as for the ABBA table.


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Getting woman's voice under the music on a drain. Can't make out what its saying tho.

Does it need a vpalias setup for the ROM ?

Also locked up on exiting. So I used the Abba fix and added it to the end of the script and doesn't lockup anymore.  On a cabinet setup.



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