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The Champion pub

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A bit of more time available... 

A few dozens of balls played on "The Champion pub"... 

And I run into Terranigma post asking for colorization for this ROM... 

The planets are aligned for me to start a new colorization project ! 


I had the frustration not to be the "owner" of the Last Action Hero ROM colorization thread that I spent so many times on... so now, this one will definitlety be mine !!!

Mouha ha ha !!


So, just to say, that I'm starting to work on the ROM colorization of this funny table from Bally.


It will be right away in 64 colors, so only for PIN2DMD owners on Pincab... sorry guys but you'll need to push freezy not me to have this 64colors on your LCD screen !!


I did not have a look at the HD version.. don't know how it works.. so I will stick for now to what I know.

Right from the start you will need to have Firmware 4.1x+ in order to run the file as it uses LCM and LRM.


ROM version : english 1.6 (I don't if they are other that are used/popular..)


WIP files are available on this Google Drive :



Thanks to @Terranigma for referencing all colorization projects and for @Wob to share the dumps of this ROM. 




SERUM version available with the latest improvements and corrections.



Time to work again on this project !

- attract pub champion - added keyframes for several times champion

- attract flashing screen to white - changed the palettes to go to white instead of colors

- attract credit press start 

- attract credit 1/2 for 1 to 9

- fixed skillshot glitches

- (almost) fixed spitting gallery



- jump rope, more palette to prevent color change after "start fight" becomes available

- extra-ball : new key frames to be tested

- ultimate game : more screen recorded

- sparring ; 1 missing screen done

- spittin : new colors (to be tested)

- fighters : dan (4the animation), winston (2nd animation), steveo (3rd animation), still missing some recording !



- improved a lot spitting gallery, but still some troubles with background

- added missing pub-door (gorilla + girl + nude man)

- corrected some frames at skillshot

- added transition frames for score, extraball, end bonus...



- added replay

- transition to beggining

- pub door : added scene with girl and nude guy, and gorilla + girl alone

- spitting galery : improved missing animation

- poker : completed LCM, should be ok, to be tested

- hurry-up : one missing screen

- redone some keyframes on skillshot

- lock-lit

- fighter dan : the 4th missing animation

- match for free game

- jackpot deluxe



- extraball : some keyframes to change on LCM

- fighters : new keyframes to add/change when already champion pub

- added powershot 

- completed spitting gallery but i still miss some fram eon spitter #3

- added cash price scenes + fighter selection (only 4)



- poker night completed

- spitting gallery : first LCM -> to be checked and completed

- dan, knucles, antonio : completed missing frames

- pur door : redone all keyframes

- pub-door : added man with coat, gorilla with girl, girl alone, 2 men.. 

- added colors when credit 1/2

- ultimate game : added a lot of instructions screens



- added missing 400.00 / 700.000 / 1.200.000 / 1.300.000 jackpot

- redone end of ball bonus frames with added transition screen "Total bonus, win/wins, fight/fights, health"

- added pub-door with 2 men

- added pub door with coat

- added pub-door with gorilla and 1 person

- correcting testing boot screen

- 4p end loterry modified

- basic poker-night : will need a lot of record for this one !



- corrected a lot of missing keyframes : skillshot, jackpot, fistaball multi, pub-door, various screens

- added more keyframes and colors for fighters..



- pub-door with gorilla + 2p

- pub-door with man alone

- raid : scene + ctdn

- improve transition on end of ball bonus as it comes often

- improve transition on fighters



- fight : dan, steveo

- attract mode : designer head : as fighters + drunk + crazy bob

- pub-door : variation with gorilla alone, with 3 people

- some missing screens for speed bag and flip

- bug correction on JACKPOT, skillshot million, ending frame lotery loose (never obtain the win lotery.. )

- some improvement over the fighters 



- bonus multiplier : 2x, 4x, 7x, 8x, 10x

- jackpot + double, triple... super, ultra, deluxe + scores

- fight : Biff, Wham

- fight : patriotsky, master bum bam boum, pierre lepunche, winston

- poker : should redo cards with LCM.. need new dump I think

- speed bag countdown

- flip

- multi brawl

- skillshot : should have all frames -> to be checked

- skillshot million

- a bunch of different text screens

- enter initials



- Ball2 locked: 100%

- door pub with boy+girl

- knocked out

- fight armindo, franz (miss some animations), knucles

- Lotery : did some changes on the palette

- Enter initials : need improvement

- You won the fight

- purse collected



- Ball1 locked: 100% that was long, pixel by pixel job

- Atract mode : added a few missing scenes

- Extra-ball scn : will need some keyframes adjustment but basic colors done (used LRM for the 1st time, very useful !!)

- Various text screens (before spitton, smart punch, shoot again, fistcuff multiball, tonight fight, EB lit...)

- Enter initials

- Menu/Param : 100%


19/10/2021 :

- Attract mode : main screens are done, still missing the design team scn when heads are displayed

- Skillshot : more or less ok for ball1, misses some frames on ball 2 when $ sign is displayed

- Ball 1 locked : 50%

- End of ball bonus : some glitches on scores

- End of ball bonus : some screens are not colored, nedd to improve keyframes

- Fight : initial coloring of shots (GUT, head, jab)

- Fight : BAM, BELCH, POW, BURP, HIC done, missing BOOM and maybe others

- Fistacuff multiball : initial coloring -> need checking

- Lotery + loose end : initial color (not lookign so good, need to change the pal)


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I've been working on this project these last days, and I think we are close to a first release.

I still want to adjust a few screens and do some testing.. but, it looks good !


Anyone interested can check the GDrive



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Hi @AdmiralGeneral


You come just at the right moment ! Please have a look at the download section, where i've just released 1.0 files for VPIN & RPIN.

Please make sure you have an updated pin2DMD firmware (v4.20+), and ROM language parameter set in ENGLISH


Do not hesitate to share your feedback, so I can improve the files, I don't own a Champion Pub Real Pin myself, so there might be bugs or not colored scenes that I cannot see. 

I know there are still a few scenes missing at end game... just waiting for me to find them and record them !


Last update is concentrated on spitting gallery! This scene is still a challenge as it is not exactly as I want it.. but I'm progressing !


If you enjoy my work, please do not hesitate to tip me !


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Hi !


Just to mention, I updated the VPIN WIP files in the G drive with latest modification.

I need a bit more recording (and some luck to have the right fighters) ! Once finished, I shall release the final version of the colorisation !


Thansk to every tipeers, I do appreciate your donations !

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Sorry that u didnt hear anything from me. My Champ Pub real pin has some issues so i cant really enjoy your colorization. But i've played some few games when he worked and was amazed about the ball lock scene, great work.

There is still some bugs and little pixel missing when the points are counting. I will work on the machine today and hopefully i can make some records about the buggs soon.


Thankfull regards


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Hi @AdmiralGeneral

You can find the lastest RealPIUN version in the download section here :



Do not hesitate to share your feedback. I started another project. 

There are still some know issues that I would correct later on :

- spittin gallery (background is brown and somethime flickering) : i wanted to implement a nice background, but could find out the proper way for now

- some transitions are not made, being hard to record or anticipate (like chen hitting multiple times the boxer during fights).. it will hardly be corrected


Hope you'll enjoy the result !

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Hello :)


Wow amazing job, so much better than the 1.0 version but still with some issues. Sometimes when the screen change from ball lock scene to normal scene one where you can see your points, there are some green and red pixels from the last screen. This doesnt happen everytime and i think its hard to fix. Also like u said spittin gallery need some love. Mr Bing Bang Boom also.


Regards so far


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Thanks for your message. I'm not sure to understand whatvis the Bee fly ?

I know spitting gallery needs improvement, the background will not display correctly.. but at least the splitter are (should be) all colored ?!


I should finish scared stiff this week.. and have some time in March to improve Champion Pub !


Do not hesitate to share detailed feedback, it will help me improve what is missing or correct wrong colorization !




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22 hours ago, AdmiralGeneral said:

When you hear the BEE ingame as sound you have to press the "shoot" button and then it shows up. Ill record it next time ill play my CP ;) Nice to hear that you will improve CP !


I was not aware of it.. I will try to dump this and add it to the project. 

I'm on it now for improvements

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