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Renaming an item considered an update?

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Small suggestion:


I renamed my old CFTBL colour project to "16 colour" in the hope this would avoid confusion with the new 64 colour files that I have uploaded pending approval. I can already see a bunch of new likes on those old files already so either that strategy didn't work, or there are some new vpin LCD users 😐 it is always nice to get some extra likes though :D


Anyway, by act of renaming the file, it has jumped up the recently updated list, which probably doesn't help with that potential confusion. In hindsight I should have waited for the files to be approved before posting about them in my project thread, and I should have left the old file name as-is, but thought I would highlight this in case it wasn't known about; it would be great if I could update an item name without causing the item itself to be considered updated. For instance all my projects have got "VPIN" or "REAL" in their name yet they are now in specific categories for virtual and real machines, so it might be nice to sort those out at some point so they are less shouty.


If this is already available and an oversight on my part, then sorry! :)


For the record I did consider uploading my new files as a version 2.0 on the existing files, but in order to download them users would have to then select the specific previous version, and given how many people(?) are still reliant on the 16 colour freezy dll today, I reckon it will result in fewer "why doesn't this work for me?!" posts if they can be directed to something clearly 16 colour.

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