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Single Color Flipper Buttons in DOF Config Tool


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Hi folks,


is there a way in the DOF Config tool to use single color illuminated buttons for flipper and magna save as well?

I only found RGB or MX in the dropdown list.

Or do I have to use a custom output and change the table scripts?


thank you for your time & best regards,



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you have to use a custom output but you dont have to change the table script... just change the line of the custom output you want to use for the buttons in the config tool to "ON" (for each table) and it should work if your installation is  generally fine (port assignments etc.). But if they are single colour and you just want them to stay on all the time your pin is running, maybe it would be less complicated if you connect them directly to the power supply...

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Ah ok my bad. With table script i meant the table configs in the DOF config tool. OK then it would work the way i thought, but in the mean time I did what you also suggested.

I wired them directly to the power supply.

Might get some RGB buttons some time, but right now I'm happy the cab is finally working with all the toys :)

Thank you for your reply and greetings from Germany :)


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