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Easy to set up desktop launcher? Help appreciated

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Hi all, 


I've always loved virtual pinball, it got me back into real pinball (and now I own 4 pins). 

I dunno why I didn't think of trying visual pinball till now. 


I got vpx working on desktop and a load of tables. 


At the moment I'm launching them via the individual vpx files but I'd like a better way to view all the tables and launch them. 


I went through a YouTube guide to set up pin-up popper but I must have missed something towards the end as none of the games open even though they show in the launcher. Also it's all sideways as if in a cab and I don't really need a backglass showing and all the other stuff. 


All I want is to be able to open a table and have the ext dmd showing maybe if possible the backglass in the corner (but obviously set rather small!) 


Is this possible? 

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