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Blackout 2.0 Scrip Guru needed


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Hey guys,


i'm thinking about finishing this one. Still a lot of work to do. Since i'm too stupid to write a propper script and Herweh is not available at this time, i'm looking for a VP guy with some experience. This table needs good kicker physics and texture changes triggerd by the rom (GI, insert lights). BC's will have 3 light states: GI-On; GI-OFF; BC light on. We will not use any VPX lights on this table. Stand up target animation and drop target physics / animation would also be cool. I need another 4-6 weeks from now to provide a playable table with all meshes and textures. Still quite a bit of finetuning and texture rendering to do.


So if anyone is interrested let me know.






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@Schlabber34 you know I'm a big fan of your projects. I have a template script that I've been using on classic Williams projects (Space Shuttle, Star Light, Alien Poker) so if you like how those play with nfozzy physics and fleep sound package I'd be happy to do the script/physics work on Blackout. If you find a better fit I won't be offended. LMK

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No, haven't heard of him lately. He is either in or out, there is no in between.


Edit: Just to make it clear, there is no inbetween for Herweh. He's either in (in the VPX scene) or out (no contact possible). What i wrote in the first line has nothing to do with me or this project.

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