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Black Knight (Williams 1980)



Originally uploaded in 2018, this 2021 version has big changes on the physics and sound front (nfozzy/roth/fleep). There are some new visual flourishes but it is largely the same in that regard. Sorry it is a little dated but I lost my old Blender file.


Lots of people to thank and apologies if I forgot you:

The Loafer, The Hunter, JP Salas, Scottacus, Flupper, Draifet, Wylte, Rothbauerw, Acronovum, Apophis, Fleep


Detailed credits are in the table info.



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Thanks for the update, it looks and plays great.

Only thing: I do not see a bumper cap on the top bumper.

It was there in previous versions, now I do not see it anymore.

Tried VPX.6final and 10.7 but both do not show it.

Any instructions how to enable it?

BK no cap.PNG

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Thank you Thalamus!

Well....normally I do not change POV, only XY to make it fit my cab but here I had the old V11.1 version with the POV that I made for that version and I renamed that pov to the V3 version.

So...deleted the pov and there the bumper cap appeared 'magically' 🙂  

Changed XY to fit in the cab and now it's all perfect, thanks for your help (and for making me feel like a noob now 🙂 )

BTW: if you look at the above close-up picture of the table...amazing all the details that are in it, great release!
BTW2: still strange that somewhere in the progress of making tables (and VPX?) in earlier days it was no problem to change pov as you liked (as I did with the 1.1.1 version) and now it is....no problem, just curious...


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@Joppnl changing PoV a bit isn't a problem (well, z-scale is for physics, but that's it), the weirdness you got was probably due to a difference in how the elements were being displayed.  So in the earlier one the PoV was fine but in the new they were closer/higher/larger or something that caused them to be culled (hidden as if the camera were between them and the next object down).


You can see this effect if you mess with the F6 mode; if you zoom or tilt too crazily stuff starts to disappear and glitch.

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