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Stripping Funny (Inder 1974)


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A friend sent me a picture of herself with this pinball machine when she was little. So after some (very careful) searching I found so very little about this table and no recreations so thought I would have a go, but this could be a challenge.


This is what I have so far

Ipdb has a couple of playfield pics that are destroyed and laying in a field https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=4410

I found a 13 second video of gameplay in a Spanish FB group https://www.facebook.com/arpa.aragon/videos/2267136610194925

No manuals or schematics are online 


So.... starting completely from scratch


Playfield redraw

Plastics redraw

Pop bumpers primitives

Just started figuring out the gameplay rules but if anyone has any info I would be very grateful




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Thanks for the tip Thalamus, I will ask him if he knows this machine


Google translate on the inst card does not help much



  • As indicated on the game board

Bonus x 1000

  • In lit ballerinas (pop bumpers?) and lower corridors

You will get Special

  • with ball series A B C D E F
    • on targets Alternating (I'm assuming the special light moves around the board)
    • in ballerinas  (pop bumpers?) Alternating
    • in lower aisles Alternating



But VPF is giving me problems today with an expired certificate NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID

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Rules I think I have figured out so far

  • A and B rollovers light popbumpers and score 500 unless both are lit then score 5000. Light Special for that letter. Advance bonus ladder
  • C and D rollovers light popbumpers and score 500. Light Special for that letter. Advance bonus ladder
  • E and F targets . Light Special for that letter
  • Pop bumpers score 10 unless lit then score 100
  • Red pop bumper scores 10 unless lit by rollover "ON" button then 1000
  • All Special lights lit starts Special which moves light position on each ABCDEF hit

What I don't know yet

  • what triggers E and F 5000 points when lit?
  • what triggers outlane 5000 points when lit?
  • what triggers outlane bonus when lit?
  • what the kickers do other than Special when lit?
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Yeah. Noah was too late updating the servers SSL certificate. Seems to be resolved now. When it comes to scripting, I looked at a few EMs and found that JP's Mississippi was easiest for ME to understand right of the bat. I see some resemblance for your debug to what I created for Dragoon. So, it might be a good starting point to look at that tables' script - if you don't have it covered already :)


https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts/master/Dragoon (Recreativos Franco 1977).vbs


Reminds me - it actually contains a small fix for the table. I just haven't updated it here ... yet(?)

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The scripting is coming together slowly. Also got feelers out on FB for any info regarding the rules for this table, again Akilles was the first to be mentioned and someone has sent a message to him for assistance for me :)  


Just got some chimes going, some scoring and lamps are triggering according to my dodgy rules assumptions. Putting in some GI now until I can figure out more rules

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Ah ok, I didn't know anybody was working on this. There is nohing on the internet for them, real or VPX.


Good luck with them. If want want any of the table I have made please let me know, but I'm sure you are doing a much more professional job :) 

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