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Popper VR Frontend Browser Released (beta)


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Excited to announce that Popper VR files are ready for public beta release.


If you are already using PinUP Popper and have VPX VR/Future Pinball VR/Zaccaria VR or other VR apps to launch...give it a try.


Should work with any OPENXR compatible headset. Mainly been tested with SteamVR/Quest/Oculus.


Thanks to all that have helped out so far.


Scampa123 for all his testing/troubleshooting and tutorial videos.  



All info/setup/download start here:  




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Not sure if this is the best place to ask but...I'm having a problem.  I have a single screen setup and PopperVR captures the entire screen and displays it on both the backglass and playfield.  I followed the setup vid and everything else works fine but in VR, my entire display is mirrored entirely to both places.  Any help would be much appreciated.


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for Desktop,  things get a little tricky on how best to use Popper VR.  


IMO,  the best solution would be to use a fake/2nd monitor dongle so that you can mimic a real pin in VR space.  Also with others things the hdmi/DP dongle solves other things in VP-VR land with mirroring dmds etc.


The alternative is to have the desktop view on the BG in your VR cab and use media on the playfield (not using display mirroring but actually showing a mp4 or playfield).


The easiest/best would be to use a 2nd 'virtual' display.

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