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So yesterday I turned 40.  Let's backup to Saturday when my son (5) and I travelled to a pinball hub near us.  This particular hub picked up a Hot Wheels!  Come on....Hot Wheels, Dinosaur modes, tracks, gripping art...this kid was in heaven.  He hadn't stopped talking about that table during the subsequent days.  Managed to link up with a distributor who linked me up to another distributor a few hours away, and here we are.  My son's reaction brought me to that tight feeling you get in your chest...one of happiness and pride only your children can give you.  I hope a parent reads this and knows when your son...your sweet, brilliant, polite, and calculated son, looks RIGHT at you and says "Dad, you're the best" and just has an uncontrollable grimace with near silence to follow, you know your gift has been had.  


As far as the game goes...it's SO fun.  I don't care what keyboard-warriors think, play this thing.  It shoots SO smooth and the ruleset is simple enough, yet layered and exponential to put up some great scores with a bit of patience.









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Thanks all! So, to answer @Thalamusquestion, I’ve actually owned quite a few now and have traded up and around to really culminate a span of play-types. With that said I can’t choose one.  If I have to ‘choose’ I ditch its predecessor 😉  VPinning is my guilty pleasure and augments that thought process pretty well.

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