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Pinball Y and pup pack layers.


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I couldn't find a forum for Pinball Y so I thought I'd just post here.

When I launch some (not all) pup pack tables in Pinball Y, the layers don't display in the right order (ex. Video will be behind the frame and won't show) but when I launch from VPX they work just fine.

Does anyone know what would cause some pups to launch incorrectly from Pinball Y and how I can fix this?  Thanks

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I've spend a frustating amount of time on this. Same with closing Pup packs on certain tables. Once I managed to fix it for one table- it broke on another. So in the end- I switched to Popper. Now all Pup pack tables work. 

It took a bit of time to get everything set up (I was quite happy with my Pinball Y setup) but in the end I just drew the conclusion that Pinball Y doesn't play nice with some Pup pack tables. 

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