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Requirements of adding LED strips, DMD panels, etc?


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Now that I have a 2 screen cabinet up and running I am seeing many cool things to add or to keep in mind for a next build.


One cabinet in particular caught my eye and its the one shown in the PinballX ad video here: PinballX Trailer 2


You can see a led strip on the sidewall and backwall just under the top glass and above the monitor.


What kind of hardware is that and would this be able to be controlled by something like the Pinscape controller?


Are most external DMD’s driven by USB or does one need to connect them to a controller board as well?



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a pinscape controller has a built in emulator for an LEDWiz



if you get a pinscape you basically get:

Button Input controller

Analog Plunger controller

Analog Nudge controller



the limitations of an LEDWIZ is that it can only do  ON/OFF  and PWM  outputs this work best for DOF controlled toys such as Solenoids or single  RGB, single  LEDs

(PWM are used for motors to control how fast they spin or how bright you want your LEDs).


The LED strips on the side wall and backwall   are not controlled by the ON/OFF or PWM outputs,  they need to be controlled by a micro controller that can send "data".


A micro controller like a Teensy  (most of us have version 3.2)



and Octo   to make your (installation)  wiring much easier



there is a tutorial here


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That makes sense, thanks @Pinballuser!

Its also something way out of my normal DIY skillset however. I have little to no experience with electrical boards.

Soldering is also something I need to learn (I assume many connections will need to be soldered to the boards?).

Not that I think it would be out of my ability to learn, its more that many components are given without much explanation of how to use them in the bigger picture.

As a complete beginner that makes things hard to put into perspective at times. Especially since I see one cool thing after another, lol! 😀


Another question that crosses my mind just now: just like you have various sizes in model railway hobbyparts, is there also specialized smaller hardware/lighting for bartop model pincabs?


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if you have zero expertise,  I suggest you install everything on your desktop PC and  learn 1 component at a time.

their are multiple places that will sell you pre built components.

Pre built components wills save you allot of time  but if you want to save money a DIY approach will save you allot of money.


I got my KL25z (pinscape controller)  for $20 ( had header pins for other projects)    this site sells them pre soldered for almost double that.



their are some parts where you are better of buying pre built

like this



it would of made my button wire installation much easer


this guy also sells a Vemos + Vemos Shield witch is a cheaper Alt version for the Teenzy + Octo Board



but if you solder the pins on your Teenzy 3.2 ($20)  + Octo ($10)  board you are not saving much money.

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