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B2S Backglass always on top when in exe mode, external virtual dmd won't stay on top


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I've been having this issue with B2S and the virtual external dmd.  I have 2 monitors, one is above the other.  I put my backglass on the top monitor, and play the lower screen in desktop mode.  For some reason, even if I don't have the send to front option checked on the backglass, and I have stayontop set to true on in the dmddevice.ini, whenever I click back to the table after moving the virtual dmd around, it always goes behind the back glass.  The interesting thing is, this only happens when I've got B2S set to use EXE mode.  However, if I don't run it in EXE mode, I get terrible choppiness in the gameplay (not sure why this is happening either, my computer is more than powerful enough, 8700k@5Ghz, 32GB RAM, RTX 2080Ti).  If I use it in EXE mode, everything runs perfectly, I just can't position the DMD over the back glass and have it stay on top.  If anyone has run into this same issue I'd appreciate some help, I've searched around for a long time and can't find anyone that has this issue, and none of the usual suggestions I've read have helped.


I should also mention, this happens no matter how I launch into a table, directly from the table itself, from the vpinballx.exe, or from a launcher (I use launchbox/big box).



This issue is now resolved, thanks to Wiesshund on another forum.  Here is the answer, in case anyone else needs it:


"This happens when you move or resize it, or edit the style, but once you save what you wanted, if you relaunch the table, it should be back on top?

I think it does this to all of us when using External DLL (AKA Freezy's DMD extensions) but it is only while adjusting.
to fiddle with styles, I normally just drag it onto the playfield, do my style thing and relaunch the table
With VPX out of exclusive full screen of course, I put that back after i am done adjusting stuff" -Wiesshund

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