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Full Size Pinball Cabinet With Toys For Sale

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Built a new widebody cab so I’m willing to sell the old full size cab with the following toys for 75% of what I paid for the materials. The computer is not included as I’m using it in the new cab.

Xtension 40" cabinet      1,000

Vizio 4K 60hz playfield     250

Polaroid 720p backglass  135

VSdisplay 14.9" DMD       130  Includes p/s & driver case

Stern knocker                     25

Stern Shaker                     100

10ea SW3 Solenoids        100

4ea 58mm SSF inducers   76

2ea Bass Impactors           98

8" subwoofer                      24

Nissan gear motor             23

2ea LP-838 amps for SSF 40

Kinter amp for back glass  27

Back glass speakers          22

Sainsmart 16 channel        15

32 channel LEDWIZ           50

SSF P/S                             23

StarTech 7.1 card       35

Terminal Blocks, wire (lots of it), etc. 125

Total spent over $2,298

If you pick up ---- $2,298 X .75 = $1,723

I can hook up a computer and show that everything works - then I take it away for my new machine.

If you live in the Westside Portland/Beaverton/Tigard, Oregon area, & can help deliver it locally only.  I have pinball skates and a pickup.

Why am I selling this cabinet? I built a new widebody and would rather have the room - just don’t need two virtual machines.

I also have a brand new Vizio 405-G9 purchased as a spare that I’ll include for an additional $225.


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