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Table closing not working properly after migrating to another drive


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Hey peeps,


I migrated pinup popper to another drive (D:)

Got everything up and running in a jiffy. No worries there.
But... for some reason exiting a table doesn't wake up popper and throws me to desktop. (without taskbar)
Pressing exit once more brings me back into popper.


I looked at the emulator settings and think they're all okay.

The curClose.bat file that is generated upon closing a table looks okay too?

"D:\PinUPSystem\LAUNCH\PUPCLOSER.EXE" WINTIT "Visual Pinball" 10 1 


Here is my emulator setup script.

start script :
START "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe" 20 5 30 "Visual Pinball Player" 1
cd /d "[DIREMU]"
if "[RECMODE]"=="1" (
START /min "" vpinballx.exe "[DIREMU]" -DisableTrueFullscreen -minimized -play "[GAMEFULLNAME]"
) else (
START /min "" vpinballx.exe "[DIREMU]" -minimized -play "[GAMEFULLNAME]"
close script :

I would love a gentle push in the right direction on what is happening here ;)

Thank you!

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Okay, I tried mentioned script, but to no avail.
Everything stays the same. Table launches perfectly, but on exit I still get dropped to desktop without taskbar.
It doesn't make a difference if I exit with ESC or Q.
Odd thing is that everything worked okay until I switched to D:\ instead of C:\

I have the feeling I'm missing something simple here.
I followed the tutorial from Nailbuster on migrating to another drive.


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If so if you start the front end close it droppeds to desktop without taskbar.

You start a game in the front end you exit the game instead of going back to the front end it just shows the desktop without a toolbar

Set your User Account Control to level 2
Then you will know if you have other Pinball Related Software set to run As Administrator


I wonder if VLC is crashing

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