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VPX 10.7 playfield image shows in editor but not when playing table

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Hi All,

First, I love FP and VPX, hats off to all the developers, modders, tweakers, scripters, graphic designers, testers and others.

GREAT JOB! Keep up the fantastic work.
I'm having a problem with 2 tables. O Brother Where Art Thou and Rescue 911. All my tables work great except these two.

When I load either of these into VPX, I see the playfield image. When I start the game, the playfield image is not there.

Oddly, one time I started the OBWAT table and the playfield image showed as it should....once....

I did not change any settings to make it show, it just did, the one time. Rescue 911 has never shown the playfield image when playing....
Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix? Thank you in advance....

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misleading statement
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