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64-colour dmddevice.dll?

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Not yet. Has been discussed before. Currently Freezy is too busy with VPE, so, I'm not holding my breath. I've tried to nudge @DJRobX a few times. This is a hobby, if he doesn't bite, well, then we're going home empty handed from that fishing trip. Just be patient is my recommendation.

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For anyone wondering about freezys project. I have spoken to both freezy and DJRobX recently and they are both very well aware of the situation, as well as the impact this is having to the users. There is no need to create further posts or to tag either of them at this point. Let's all be patient on this one, thanks.


@FrankRT in regards to your question about an alternative that supports the new 64 colour format. Due to the way the code is handled and access to this code, it is unlikely there will be an official alternative. I believe lucky could create an extension of his Pin2dmd project, but that will take time and it will also depend on if it is worth it for him. 



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