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APNG Wheels out of shape


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5 hours ago, oldsmokey said:

Hi pritch33 yep using latest popper front end and no everything else is perfect all wheels round and some of the APNG wheels work perfect others are squashed vertically into an oval not sure y.


Can you post a pic, video even better and tell me which wheels you are having issues with thanks. 


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4 hours ago, oldsmokey said:

Hi I Have attached some pix of wheels 1 is yours which works fine other 2 r from other contributors and they r squashed.




Did you have jus a logo prior to adding those wheels? If so did you delete the logo prior to adding an Animated wheel. Not load over the top and replace. I would check your media folder delete or move anything related to the wheels you are having issues with. Open pinup menu setup, popper tab, global config button, game/wheel toolbar tab On the right hand side reset all wheels button. close it all  down then reopen media manager, then try add the apng file again. Not sure if this will help but only thing I can think Of. You may also want to check  your wheel folder and see if any of your other  png images look wrong. You may find your scrolling a little slow after resetting the wheels till it builds it cache again. Have not seen any others having this issue and Atlantis wheel looks fine that I downloaded. I will try it though.     

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Hi tnks 4 that I had just plain png wheel  images before them I simply added the Apng files to the appropriate wheel in media manager as I thought I was supposed to do but will check out your suggestion when I get 5 from works tnks again.

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