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Custom Lockdown Bar Engraving - Special Limited Time Offer

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Hello Everyone,


My buddy and I are getting into the pinball modification business. We are going to be offering up several different services.  We are currently working on our Lord of the Gameroom (lordofthegameroom.com) online store and slowly adding merchandise and services.  Yes, I will have some VPUniverse merch in the store eventually.

As of right now we don't have the store open yet, but we need to get practice in using our new toys. One of our new toys is an e-Cobalt Class IV fiber laser.  This laser is capable of doing deep engraving on hard metals, including stainless steel which most lockdown bars are made of. Normal costs of a engraved lockdown bar in the past has been ~$350 due to the setup and time involved. 

As we are still learning and tweaking our process... I'm looking for 5 people that would like to have their lockdown bars engraved.  The cost would be $75 for a single image up to 5.5in wide and $25-50 for each additional image, the smaller the additional image the cheaper.  Normal pricing for this service will be quite a bit higher in the future.

Unfortunately, this offer is only valid for Domestic USA. We are still working on our shipping processes and not ready for international shipping.

We do not have a stock of lockdown bars at this time, but looking to procure some in the future. 

1. The purchaser would need to package & ship their lockdown bar at their cost to our shop and either include return postage or pay for return shipping.
2. The purchaser would need to provide good quality images. Vector graphics work the best.  Black & White/Grey Scale. svg, png, pdf, ai formats.  The better the quality image, the better the engrave possibilities.
  2a. We have to approve the images, not for content, but for what's needed for our engraving applications.

We have not tested engraving on powder coated material.

Below is an example of the engraving that I did on my HyperPin 2125.  This lockdown bar is a custom size and one of a kind that I had made 10 years ago.  This engrave took 45 passes for the ball and bars and 10 passes on the stars. I was scared, but it turned out perfect and I have high confidence that our future engravings will look even better.

Message me if interested.




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