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Have Pup Pack Video Issues Only With ROM Based Tables


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I have downloaded and am running a handful of pup packs and have noticed that the videos for the rom based tables like The Addams Family, Monster Bash, Creature from the Black Lagoon all have have lagging, stuttering and pixelation issues with the videos but the videos for original tables like HPGOF, Stranger Things, WoZ, Willy Wonka all play flawlessly.


At first I thought it must be that my computer and graphics card were not up to the task but that can't be the problem if the original table pup pack videos play just fine.


I turned off HDR in Windows 10 and changed some settings in VLC that helped quite a bit but the videos in the ROM tables still stutter, lag and pixelate somewhat.  Now I'm out of ideas how to fix this issue.


Does anybody else have this issue?   Anybody offer any help?



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So I did previously read completely through the nailbuster puppack troubleshoot page and tried all the suggestions noted which did make a slight improvement, especially turning off HDR in Windows 10 but the videos were still stuttering and lagging so I was wondering if resizing the videos might be the solution but figured it would be a lot of work to do that.


What I missed in nailbuster's troubleshooting guide was a link for a download for a handy-dandy MP4 video resizing bat file.  That did the trick!!  All I did was copy the bat file into the pupvideos directory for that table, ran it, let it do it's magic and when I ran the tables no more stuttering, pixelating or lagging and the 720p quality is good enough for the B & W pup videos on my old 1280 x 1024 backglass monitor.


Thanks pritch33 for directing me back to the nailbuster troubleshooting page.



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