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FIXED.......Help Needed - Some Colorization Files Not Working (Some do).....


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Just started doing this and WCS, TFTC work yet Congo and batman don't.  I'm doing the same thing to install (put the two files into the rom named folder in altcolor).


external selected and I can see the freezy dmd taking over yet Congo and batman are the same yellow/orange color.  Any idea why these specific ones don't work?  I'm using the latest 1.9 freezy version.  All done via virtual, on the desktop


EDIT - FIXED.  For those that didn't work, after testing the roms in PINMAME, I realized the external dll was checked but not the color option below.  All set.


Results are unbelievable. Great job community.  Playing this is VPVR with a 3090 and my jaw is on the floor (Valve VR).  90fps pretty locked, 2.0 SS and 150 SS in Steam.

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