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Hey bord, will you render an EM backglass for me? MAYBE


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Been having fun rendering out graphics for a few EM backglasses lately. I've got a Blender node setup that makes it very easy to swap out images and alpha masks. It gives a great results, with nice blackbody color temperature falloff as you move away from the light source.


For example :



SO if anyone is working on an EM b2s and would like the art rendered out this way I'd be happy to do it this week. All I need is a copy of your art and an alpha mask for the holdout.


Like this:



Bonus points if you include a copy of the backbox lighting for more accuracy:



In return I'll send you two images that overlay perfectly. Your unlit backglass image and a lit image. From there you can slice up the lit image and create your b2s. For example:







Any takers? Offer is open until August 13 or until I hit a dozen requests. Let's spruce up some of these awesome old games.

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hmmm, I would love to but I don't have all the parts!!!  let me see if I can scrounge up some quick.


goes with this preview (I have higher res)... which still needs cleanup..



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Well, if you're offering, my Winner BG could use some help. The numbers don't pop quite as much as I'd like when they light up to select a horse. They function, but in certain lighting they can be hard to see. I'm sure the whole thing could benefit from your Blender magic regardless.


And obviously, thanks for offering to do this! It's very nice of you to take some of your own time to help other people with their projects.


Oh, and no worries if you don't get to mine for whatever reason. There just seem to be surprisingly few people jumping on this, so I thought I would ask.

Winner Spruce Up.zip

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31 minutes ago, Wildman said:

Bord do you have a before/after pic ?


@Wildman before left, after right:




46 minutes ago, CactusDude said:

Wow @bord - that looks fantastic! It's certainly a big improvement over what I had before!


@CactusDude, here are the layered files for you to compile in B2S editor:


Thanks for Winner, BTW. Such a cool project.

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1 hour ago, arconovum said:

great stuff bord.. really great stuff.


Edit: Just one thing.. maybe somehow add mask bleeding, otherwise the lighting will have too much hard edges, and in reality they don't


@arconovum, good to hear from you friend. I agree with this, although it isn't always feasible where two pieces that need to be cut are close to each other. On Capt. Card I used some glare in compositing and it really added something special. I'll keep playing with it.


10 hours ago, Thalamus said:

Can we expect a YT tutorial some day is my question ;) Looks really great, I agree.


@Thalamus maybe, although I don't have time for it right now. It would be pretty easy to take a template file with the material set up and do this yourself. I'll keep it in mind.

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19 minutes ago, Wildman said:

whats with the low res Wild Fyre backglass????


I was playing pinball with some guys this weekend and one guy was triple thicking his trashed Wild Fyre backglass. I took a bunch of photos and rendered light through it. It's in rough shape but the resolution is great.

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