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(Parsing-)Errors in table config (tz ROM) and some questions

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Hi all.


I recently updated my DOF config and during this process i checked the written .log file of DOF and found that the generated lines for the tz ROM throws errors for these entries:


(W47 and L82), (W48 and L37)|(W77 and L64)|(W78 and L65)


...and probably some more.

The parser can not handle the "and" in between is the description of the error...

Is anyone aware of this? I overwrote them with local changes in the DOF Config Tool where i simply removed these entries and got no more errors.


Is this "normal" (just yet unseen/unreported) or is something wrong on my end? I think my installation is ok as everything is working as expected...I just get nervous if errors pop up..it is just my "inner Monk" that gets wonky :)


Anyone else ever had this?


And two general questions:

- Is there a hierarchy when "combining toys"?

For example: If i include some Adressable LED MX entries and on the last slot i include "RGB Undercab Complex MX" - will the last entry override all before him or is this just some kind of "assignment" without a hierarchy?


- Is there somewhere a list what the "Toys" available mean?

What is the difference between "Flipper Button MX" and "Flipper Button PBX MX"?

Or what does "PBX" or/and "MX" stand for? MX could be multiplex, but PBX? Postbox is surely wrong :)


I read most of the R3 DOF WIP Documentation but did not see some explanations for these entries.


Thanks in advance and kind regards!

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I see that quite some colors are put without the first letter in uppercase.

This is mandatory, yellow_green will not work, Yellow_green will be ok, same for red, medium_orchid, all colors must be with the first letter in uppercase, try with these changes


- Is there a hierarchy when "combining toys"?

You can see the combine as a concatenation of the different toys into a unique port


- Is there somewhere a list what the "Toys" available mean?

Not that I am aware


MX is for Matrix, stands for adressable toys, PBX stands for PinballX, it is normally used only in the attract mode of a frontend like pinballx

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I finally had the time for this. Corrected all colors and still it throws the errors for the "and" logical operators.

Gonna investigate further but i need to learn a bit more about those cryptic commands that are used...

I had a thought that it might be some kind of misplaced/misordered command chain that the config is choking about...


On a side note i learned to fix some other things and also got a fix approved for Pinup Popper during this... :) Finally could contribute a very small thing to DOF commands. *yay*

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So another step...

In the DOF3 documentation it states:


Example: (S48=1 and W29=0 and (L59=1 or L43<>0))


So maybe those entries that choke up were compatible with R2 of DOF?

Trying to set them as explicit values as the values in DOF3 are as follows (or in the opening post)


(W47 and L82), (W48 and L37)|(W77 and L64)|(W78 and L65)


So i am assuming that if only used as parameters it should be (W47=1 and L82=1) instead of the actual present values...

Gonna try that later.


Please forgive me for using this thread like a kind of "scratchpad" :)


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yep you need to specify the state you desire to enter the condition of triggering the effect, in blackhole I use this for a contactor


(W25 = 0 and L18 = 1) 60


I don't have the latest DOF software because I don't have adressable toys, but it works as it should on my old dof version

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I am on the same version like you outhere - thanks for chiming in @outhere and @arngrim

That manifests my suggestion that we need to set explicit values (...=X) but sadly i had no time the last couple of days to test this  with the tz ROM.

Real life just occupies me atm...will get better in a few days and I'll try to fix the tz ROM with those explicit values...


Thanks, really, for sending your input!

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