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I have recently created a fresh new Windows (7 PRO) disk and am in the process of redoing my SW due to some performance issues.


While I was doing that I came across the following.

I have used the VPX 10.6 AIO installer, selected PIN2DMD as DMD option during installation, copied VPX 10.7 rc270 over it, and your dll version 4.16.... I also copied the SAMbuild pinmame dll to the vPinMAME folder


When I open setup in the vPinMAME folder  for ROM testing the DMD comes up, as it seemingly uses dmddevice.dll from vPinMAME folder...

But when I start a table on VPX the DMD stays black.... after some testing I resolved it by including a copy of the 4.16 integration files in the Visual Pinball folder .... apparently VPX wants dmddevice.dll (Included in 4.16) there when starting a table...


Is this how you'd recommend it?


I am confused because I don't think it worked like that with earlier installs.

Also, when I put the Freezy's dll in the vPinMAME folder, the DMD does come up... just not with your dll...  it only works if yours is in the Visual Pinball folder.... which baffled me even more. 


Here's where I struggle.... I think between the vPinMAME folder and vPinSPA folder the behaviour is different.... (where VPX expects the dll's to reside) That's ok for me as long as I can control somehow from where the dll's are used so I can use different settings/versions for either. 







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15 hours ago, Thalamus said:

Pretty sure that lucky1 is on the money here. I know I mentioned that over at vpinball, in the wiki - https://web.archive.org/web/20201129022546/https://vpinball.com/wiki/visual-pinball-knowledge-base/pindmd3-replacing-pindmd-dll-for-dmddevice-dll


I might have that patch hidden away somewhere ... god knows where right now.


Thanks @Thalamus


Here's one upside of this not working as expected.... I got it working anywaywith the dll in the wrong folder AND... my sole vPinSPA table also works now, with PuP and Lucky1's dll.... 



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