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Harry Potter GOF DMD issue

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On my installation of Harry Potter GOF, I've got it setup to use the double height DMD which is on my FullDMD (3rd screen). On launch, I get a blank  note page flying forward and back constantly. It looks broken the way it starts up.  Once I start a game, then the blank note page stops flying back and forth and only shows when there is a message which is the expected behaviour. I've watched numerous YouTube videos of this table to see if this constant blank note is the norm but every video I've seen on launch there is an attract video that plays on the DMD. This video never plays on launch - the video is in the Pup-Pack folder, I checked. I downloaded the table from the OrbitalPin site so it should be all there. Any ideas why I get this weird launch behaviour of the PupPack DMD?

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