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Had a chance to play it today!  Honestly...fantastic game.  Especially if you enjoy the series.  I'm not a devout Star Wars fan, but I really enjoyed the mini-series and this game really shined.  I could do without the plastic ramps in my face as this game is a LOT of lower playfield action, but being someone who only purchases Premiums...I feel I have nothing worry over with the wireframes.  Looking forward to picking up a low-plays machine when the hype dies down!





Also in current news...this table and the Hobbit via JJP are the only ways I'm going to get my wife to enjoy pinball.



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14k on Pinside right now is absurd!  Apparently they are having wide-spread diverter issues as well.  I'll wait for all of that to iron itself out.  (Not to mention come down a paycheck to the 8k mark...sheesh!)

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